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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

매직드래그 (Magic Drag)- 장근석(Jang Geun Suk)&씨스타[Sistar] (효린)

Hey DJ, Bring the beat
Turn it up louder
Hey DJ, Give it 2 me now
Ooh, I like, I like it

Yepp, baby baby Yepp
Baby, baby girl Hey, shawty
(Don't think, Just drag it)
Yepp, baby baby Yepp
Baby, baby girl Show me now
(Drag it, Just drag it)

So amazing, so simple (Yepp!)
What you gotta do is drag, Just drag it, Baby
복잡한 건 Stop, Just like music
맘이 가는대로 Feel 대로, Just come and say hello
느낌은 So fantastic, Feel the static
지금부터 넌 내 Addict, That's it

니 Style 난 좋아 Oh, 내 맘 난 몰라
매일 밤 떠올라 Do it, do it, do it, do it
니 Style 난 좋아 Oh, 내 맘 난 몰라
매일 밤 떠올라 Do it, do it, do it, do it

Life is like a music, Life is like a magic

Baby I'm a hot gadget (Yepp)
좌우로 Just drag it
놀랍지 Just like magic, Make you feel high like galactic
니가 없는 난 마치 Music 없는 삶
마치 별이 없는 밤, I'll take you 2 da climax

넌 홀딱 반할 걸, 정신을 잃을 걸
넌 완전 미칠 걸, Yepp baby, yepp baby

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