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Monday, November 29, 2010

남자답지 못한 말-팀(Tim)

안녕 그리고 다시 안녕 같지만 다른 의미의 글자
그렇게 사랑에 울고 웃었네

이제 바람은 차가워져, 아련한 너의 추억이 불어
아마도 이 계절이 돌아왔기에 둘이 되버린 날에 멈춰 살기에

난 많이 아파 가슴 시리게 하얀 세상도 (오오)
더 이상 모를래 안을 수 없고 만질 수도 없는 너를 내 안에서 버릴래

마음에도 없는 말 남자답지 못한 말 바보같은 말 힘든 말들을 뱉네

두 손을 꼭잡고 걷던 그 날 하늘엔 우릴 위한 눈꽃이 곱게도 내렸었지

어린 아이 같던 너 내 품에 안기던 너 수줍게 웃던 얼굴을
나는 아직 기억해 그림자도 예쁜 너 따스한 체온 나누던 너를 아직

내게 내려줘 그 날의 눈처럼

마음에도 없는 말 남자답지 못한 말
바보같은 말 안할래

어린 아이 같던 너 수줍게 안기던 너
너무 그리워 내게 다시와줘

1 comment:

  1. Hi! I love this song, so I decided to write up the English translation. Hope it helps!

    Goodbye ... and again, goodbye
    They're the same word, but they have different meanings
    Like that, I cried and laughed in love.

    The wind is getting cold now,
    And vague memories of you are blowing.
    Maybe it's because the seasons are coming back,
    Or because I've stopped and keep living in the day we fell in love.

    I'm in so much pain ....
    And my heart is frozen in this white world.
    I won't know any more than this,
    I want you, who I can no longer hold or even touch, out of my heart.

    I spit out words that weren't even in my heart,
    Words that showed I couldn't be a man,
    Stupid words, difficult words.

    That day, when we held hands and walked,
    In the sky, snowflakes were falling so beautifully,
    Just for us.

    You were like a young child,
    And I held you in my arms.
    I still remember your face, shyly smiling.
    And how even your shadows were beautiful.
    You shared your warmth with me,
    I still....

    Please come down to me,
    Like the snow from that day.

    I won't say what's not even in my heart,
    Words that show I can't be a man
    I won't say such stupid things.

    You were like a young child,
    And you were shy as I held you.

    I miss you so much,
    Please come back to me.