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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fact - 비스트(Beast)

거짓말 이야,거짓말 이야
이렇게 끝낼수는 없어
다시 돌아와,제발 돌아와
니가 날 떠나가는게
믿기지가 않아

어떤말을 너에게 해봐도
다 소용이 없겠지만
이건 아니야,이건 아니야
이 사실이 믿지 못하겠어

이건 모두 거짓말 이야
사실이 아니야
더는 믿지 못해
돌아와 달라고
몇번을 말해 내게
이건 거짓 말이야

이젠 너는 내옆에 없잖아
믿고 싶지 않아
돌아와 달라고
수없이 애기해봐도
지금이 거짓말 이여야해

거짓말 이야,거짓말 이야
거짓말 이야,거짓말 이야
사실이 아냐,사실이 아냐
사실이 아냐,사실이 아냐

It's a fact
머리는 아는데 맘이 인정을 못하겠데
삼켜질듯한 불안감에
나도 모르게 나오는 보호본능
또는 집착인듯 해
머리위로 툭하고 떨어져버린 이 상황
도저히 감당할수가 없어 나
비워 낼수 없다면 새로 채워 볼께
너와의 나의이야기 다시 써내려갈께

It’s a lie, it’s a lie

We can’t end like this

Come back, please come back
I can’t believe
That you have left me

No matter what words I say to you
It’s probably all in vain
This isn’t it, this isn’t it
I can’t believe this truth

This is all a lie
It isn’t the truth
I can’t believe it anymore
Come back come back
I tell myself multiple times
This is all a lie

You’re no longer by my side
That’s the truth
I don’t want to believe it
Please come back to me
No matter how many times I say it
This moment has to be a lie

It’s a lie, it’s a lie
It’s a lie, it’s a lie
It’s not the truth, it’s not the truth
It’s not the truth, it’s not the truth

It's a fact
My mind understands but my heart refuses to accept it
With the anxiousness that could be swallowed
My protective instincts that come out without my knowing
It also seems like an obsession
This situation that seems to fall out of my head
I can’t bear it any longer
If I can’t empty it out I’ll try to fill it anew
I’ll start rewriting your and my story again

geo jit mal i ya,geo jit mal i ya
i reo ke ggeut nael su neun eob seo
da si do ra wa,je bal do ra wa
ni ga nal ddeo na ga neun ge
mit gi ji ga anh a

eo ddeon ma reul neo e ge hae bwa do
da so yong i eob get ji man
i geon a ni ya,i geon a ni ya
i sa si ri mit ji mo ta get sseo

i geon mo du geo jit mal i ya
sa si ri a ni ya
deo neun mit ji mo tae
do ra wa dal la go
myeot beon eul mal hae nae ge
i geon geo jit ma ri ya

i jen neo neun nae yeop e eob janh a
geu ge sa si ri ya
mit go sip ji anh a
do ra wa dal la go
su eob si ae gi hae bwa do
ji geum i geo jit mal i yeo ya hae

geo jit mal i ya,geo jit mal i ya
geo jit mal i ya,geo jit mal i ya
sa si ri a nya,sa si ri a nya
sa si ri a nya,sa si ri a nya

It's a fact
meo ri neun a neun de ma mi in jeong eul mo ta get de
sam kyeo jil deu tan bu ran ga me
na do mo reu ge nao neun bo ho bon neung
ddo neun jip cha gin deut hae
meo ri wi ro tu kha go ddeo reo jyeo beo rin i sang hwang
do jeo hi gam dang hal su ga eob seo na
bi wo nael su eob da myeon sae ro chae wo bol gge
neo wa eui na eui i ya gi da si sseo nae ryeo gal gge


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